IT Governance & Reporting Energy Environmental Assessment Research and Development

The design and development are made primarily in Java (J2EE) technology with particular reference to SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) with frameworks based on major standards such as:

  • WS (JAX-WS, JAX-RS), REST, RESTfull, etc.
  • JSON, XML, Servlet, JSP, JSF, JQuery, etc.
  • JDBC, Hibernate, JPA, etc.
  • Tomcat, JBoss, Liferay, etc.
  • Enterprise Services BUS (MuleESB, ServiceMix, etc)
  • Business process management (JBPM, Intalio, etc)

TerrAria has developed a strong expertise in developing WebGIS solutions and applications based on complex systems that manage and deliver information from databases (Oracle, MySQL, PostgeSQL ...) with BI (business intelligence) techniques made accessible on maps in association to cartographic data (ESRI solutions, GoogleMap, GeoServer, MapServer...), particularly through Web interfaces treated in the ergonomic aspects and built to modern client, from the classic PC/Workstation to the current smartphones and tablets. The designed and implemented solutions are hosted on systems with operating platforms of different types and nature as Linux, Unix, and Windows.

Major corporate customers:

  • BV-Tech/Progesi Group
  • Beta80 Group
  • Forté Italia/Vodafone Italia
  • HP Italia

Major public customers:

  • Lombardy Region
  • LIspa (Informatic Lombardy Ltd)
  • ILspa (Lombardy Infrastuctures Ltd)
  • Lombardy Environment Protection Regional Agency (ARPA)

Major ongoing projects:

  • CENED + 2.0 - New software for the energy certification of buildings in Lombardy Region
  • MUTA - The platform for the management of authorizing practices of production activities of the Lombardy Region


Manager: Mauro Pomatti, IT

He has an education geared to the development of information systems based on innovative technologies, his professional and consulting business has been consolidated in the research and development of IT platforms with high technological content, in particular, he has developed deep expertise in network distributed technologies and SOA (Services oriented Architecture) and also in Web-oriented technologies, applied in the "enterprise" class contexts.

He is one of the TerrAria’s partner founder and is responsible for the IT Governance & Reporting area, he coordinates an articulated and skilled design team that over the years has developed a number of information systems for both institutional bodies and for private customers. The established relationship with some areas of the Lombardy Region, as well as with some high-profile private companies, has conveyed the creation of a number of projects and their implementation. In particular it is worth mentioning among the latest most significant experiences, the creation of the new geographic services portal of the Lombardy Region (Geoportal of Lombardy), the development and the evolution of the SINERGIE monitoring platform (for Lombardy Region Civil Protection), the ideation and realization of MUTA platform that is the portal for the electronic management of authorization procedures and INEMAR - Air emissions inventory – that is a system designed to make the air emissions inventory at the regional level. It has also implemented some applications for the European Research Centre (JRC) as RIAT+ and SHERPA, systems for defining the abatement of air quality policies.

A team of designers and developers, available and attentive to the flexibility required by the continuous renewal of the industry needs, in line with market established standards and open-source way, through continuous technological evolution are able to ensure the implementation of projects with success:

  • Michele Berti, Analyst and Team Leader
  • Alberto Parisi, Analyst and Project Manager
  • Daniele Roncolato, Technological Architect - Partner
  • Mario Signorelli, Analyst and Project Manager
  • Orazio Stracuzzi, Business Software Solution - Partner
  • Stefano Bruno, Programmer
  • Giuseppe Campagna, Programmer
  • Massimo Daidone, Programmer
  • Gianfranco Gignina, Programmer
  • Giovanni Guzzardi, Programmer