IT Governance & Reporting Energy Environmental Assessment Research and Development

Governance and environmental-energetic models area has in charge the evaluation of the synergies between the planning scenarios and the environment by implementing predictive models and energy-environmental balances.

The estimation of environmental impacts allows to help policy makers, both in the industrial and institutional level, in the definition of policies to reduce, mitigate and compensate the environmental pollution. The support to the sustainability of a plan/project is constant in all the steps of the project starting from the preliminary phase (SEA – strategic environmental assessment, EIA - Environmental impacts study and assessment, IEA - integrated environmental authorization), and ending in the construction site and operation phases (monitoring and reporting).

The ability to analyze the environment framework and the environmental-energetic impact of the project and/or of the plan through the statistical and modeling computing of the forecast data scenario, allows to tackle different specialized and multidisciplinary topics, always with the foresight to new connections.

In the energy efficiency field, TerrAria is able to follow the public administrations, large enterprises and SMEs through a process of analysis of the initial state of fact (audits, baselines), the evaluation of possible energy efficiency measures (audit and feasibility studies) up to the definition of the support documentation of their implementation (public procurement procedures, guaranteed performance contracts), up to the identification of the possible forms of financing and incentive (TEE, FTT, new thermal account, EIB funding, Cariplo Foundation...).

Major corporate customers:

  • AECOM URS Italia
  • AMEC Foster Wheeler
  • Altran
  • Steris
  • Watts Industries Italia
  • Consulenze Ambientali
  • Cossi
  • Somet
  • Deerns Group
  • Foundation: Idra, CEM
  • ETRA
  • Sienambiente

Major public customers:

  • Lombardia and Basilicata Regions
  • Environment Protection Regional Agency (ARPA) of: Lombardia, Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Puglia
  • Italian Provinces: Milano, Bologna, Roma, Firenze, Reggio Emilia, Mantova, Vicenza, Bolzano
  • Municipalities overall Italy (Messina, Mantova, Gallarate...)
  • Mountain Communities
  • ILspa (Lombardy Infrastuctures Ltd)
  • Finlombarda

Major ongoing projects:

  • CO20, to support the definition and preparation of the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP)
  • RIAT+, Regional Integrated Assessment Tool
  • IRIS, Improve Resilience of Industry Sector
  • SHERPA, Screening for High Emission Reduction Potential on Air
  • BIOMAXEFF, intensive demonstration and wide market deployment of innovative biomass heating concepts


Manager: Giuseppe Maffeis, Physicist

He has been exercising full-time independent professional activities since 1992, and in particular inside of the consulting firm TerrAria Ltd. which is a founding member and legal representative since 1999. He is EGE (Expert in Energy Management UNI CEI 11339:2009) civil sector Certificate SECEM N. 4-2015-SC/228. He has worked on environmental impact assessment of works of various kinds, roadway infrastructure, electricity production plants, waste disposal, integrated planning (ex-Milano Fair, ex-Cerba European Cancer Center) and plans Strategic Environmental Assessment, and programs such as TGP (Territory Government Plan) and PGT variants of Lombard municipalities and the Air Quality Recovery Plan of the Province of Reggio Emilia, the Waste Plan and the Action Plan for Energy of the Lombardy Region...

It has been a consultant to these topics for different bodies including: Province of Mantova (environmental and strategic impact assessment of electricity generation and disposal of waste, noise mapping and subsequent action plan on provincial infrastructure), ARPA Veneto (integrated air quality regional planning, from emissions inventory to scenarios of intervention modeling assessment, especially in the industrial and port area in Mestre-Venezia, Province of Reggio Emilia (air quality provincial planning and environmental monitoring plan system), Finlombarda (energy planning - SIRENA Energy and Environment Regional Information System, FACTOR20 - LIFE + project for the definition and evaluation of energy efficiency policies, energy certification of buildings - CENED), Province of Bergamo (consultancy in the Covenant Mayors process from the formation to the SEAP coordination and to the funding request to the EIB ELENA fund for the realization of interventions to improve efficiency).

He is currently working to accompany local governments in the process of fund raising and technical assistance for the definition of energy efficiency projects with third-party financing and EPC contracts, most relevant: the projects funded by the Cariplo Foundation and the achievement of the funding for the project FABER, that is in the framework of EIB ELENA program for Bergamo Province.

He coordinates TerrAria’s team in charge of energy audits in companies and of the feasibility studies for the efficiency measures.

The team has a multidisciplinary imprint, physicists and environmental engineers with specialized skills and careful continual updating and expansion of its expertise:

  • Luisa Geronimi, Territorial Planner - Project Manager
  • Salvatore Greco, Environmental Engineer - Project Manager
  • Andrea Cherubini, Environmental Engineer
  • Giorgio Fedeli, Environmental Engineer
  • Alessia Goffi, Environmental Engineer - fellow at University of Brescia, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering